Royal Deeside Photos


Royal Deeside Photos

Royal Deeside photos and Braemar Games were both featured in The Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.
For Royal Deeside photos dSider is the place to look.

We have photos of all the Royal Deeside Highland Games, including the Braemar Gathering,   LonachAboyne Games,  and Ballater Games.

There are also photo features on individual Royal Deeside Villages, like  Braemar,   BallaterBanchory,  and Aboyne.

Scottish Highland dancing at Ballater Higland Games, Royal Deeside,Scotland. dsider whats on guide Ballater,copyright Bill Bagshaw photographers Ballater (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dSider guide to Aboyne Games, Braemar Gathering, Lonach March, Ballater Games, Lonach Gathering, Alford, Strathdon, Castles Royal Deeside, Royal Deeside photos, dSider copyright content (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

Lonach  March is headed by Lonach Pipe Band, followed by Clansmen who carry pikes. Everyone calls in for a dram of Scottish whisky at various patrons during the march.  Photo shows The  Gathering patron Sir James Forbes whose ancestors founded the Lonach Friendly Society. All photos copyright Bill Bagshaw, all rights reserved.    #RoyalDeesidePhotos

Sir James Forbes stops for a dram during The Lonach March. The Lonach march precedes the Lonach Highland Games (Bill Bagshaw

Aboyne Highland Games is a featured event for Homecoming Scotland

Putting the shot at Aboyne Highland Games,Royal Deeside,Royal Deeside photos,Scotland. Royal Deeside is the Scottish home of The Queen at Balmoral Castle. dSider online magazine, photography courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,


Ballater & Ballater Highland Games



Ballater is a quaint Victorian village near to the Royal Family’s Scottish home Balmoral Castle. Many shops and tradesmen proudly display the Royal Warrant outside their premises. Some shops are  by appointment both to Her Majesty The Queen and to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Ballater Railway Station was largely destroyed by a fire in the early hours of Tuesday 12th May 2015

Click here to go to the Ballater area slideshow

Click here to go to Ballater Highland Games slideshow

When the Royal Family are not in residence nearby Balmoral Castle is open to the public. and displays include Sheridan the butchers vintage car, and vintage Balmoral fire fighting equipment.
All photos by Bill Bagshaw Photography Tuition & Mentoring  Scotland.

Lochnager  mountain  is in fact an extinct volcano and the loch beneath it is actually a volcanic crater. Lochnagar is one of Scotlands most famous mountains being imortalised as Dark Lochnagar by the poet Lord Byron, due to it's dark volcanic rock. You can walk to Lochnagar from Glen Muick. online magazine, photo courses Photography by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,

The whole area is adjacent to areas of outstanding natural beauty such as Glen Muick & Lochnagar.

Many excellent walks set off from the Loch Muick area; including the walk to Lochnagar  – an extinct volcano depicted above.

The Deeside Line was a Victorian railway which used to take Queen Victotia to Ballater Railway Station.  The Railway station has now been restored and features; amongst other things; Queen Victoria’s toilet.

Update Ballater Railway Station was largely destroyed by a fire in the early hours of Tuesday 12th May 2015

Queen Victoria's Royal toilet at Ballater railway station, Royal Deeside. Ballater station has been refurbished as a museum and features the toilet used by Queen Victoria on her railway trips to Royal Deeside.  dSider what's on Ballater guide,Ballater photography courses by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,

The Old Ballater Railway Station was turned into a museum.

The old Ballater Victorian railway station has been refurbished and is now a museum.   Ballater was the terminus of the now defunct Deeside Railway on Royal Deeside. Ballater Station even features the toilet used by Queen Victoria ! dSider online magazine, photo courses Royal Deeside (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, Photography Training & Mentoring

Unexpected Dutch Royal Deeside visitors blown over by storms


Dutch Racing pigeons blown over to Royal Deeside

Royal Deeside visitors from Holland blown over by storms

A  valuable Dutch racing pigeon, from a top  award winning  continental pigeon loft was found dead on Royal Deeside in June.    The pigeon; which was released in France was found dead on Royal Deeside after being attacked by a cat..

Racing pigeons went missing all over Holland lrecently due to the extreme weather.    Ironically having survived an extreme flight of hundreds of miles; and extreme weather; this hardy Dutch racing pigeon was killed by a Royal Deeside cat.

The racing pigeon was supposed to fly 571 kilometres from France to Holland but was disorientated by storms.   So this brave racing pigeon covered a huge distance to Royal Deeside instead.      If you find one of these Royal Deeside visitors you should be able to contact the owner from the information on its leg ring.

The Dutch racing pigeons will be exhausted and are obviously vulnerable to cats.   Should you find one it should be easy to catch; and feed.   When it is fit again it should fly back to Holland.

How to feed an  exhausted Dutch racing pigeon:-     Give it water and seeds (bird seeds), dry rice or unsalted peanuts (bird nuts).   Or  better still  contact a local pigeon fancier. When fully recovered the bird will fly home.

This birds identification ring prefix was NL 2013  which indicates it was a Dutch racing pigeon born in 2013.      British racing pigeons will have the prefix GB instead.

To identify the owner go to this Dutch website:-     Scroll down below the photo for translation instructions.

Photo shows award winning companion of the dead racing pigeon.

Unexpected Royal Deeside visitors

Exhausted Dutch racing pigeon flies huge distance from France to Royal Deeside in Scotland


 “zoek op ringnummer”  you can fill in 2 boxes. The first one is for the year of birth. (eg for NL 2013) you fill in 13.      The second box is for the number .

Clicking on “zoeken” (EN: search), shows the owners phone number
You can also fill in a form, which will be sent to the owners email address.
Fill in the email form and the owner will know where his pigeon is.
Uw naam = your name
Uw emailadres = your email address
Uw telefoonnummer = your phone number
Informatie = please fill in your message to the owner
Verzenden = send this form

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Royal Deeside


Royal Deeside

Royal Deeside is an area of fairytale Scottish Castles, set amongst magnificent mountains and glens.

Walkers can discover  Glen Muick, Glen Tanar and Lochnagar.
There are many events to watch on Royal Deeside including Highland Games, and Gatherings.
The old Royal Deeside railway line is now a  great cycle path.

Royal Deeside Villages:-

Aboyne –  the gateway to Glen Tanar.
Aboyne is at the heart of Royal Deeside,  on the banks of the River Dee.  Aboyne Highland Games are an annual event.

Ballater the Royal Village near Balmoral Castle.
Ballater is near to The Queen’s residence at Balmoral Castle.  Balmoral Castle was the Scottish home of Queen Victoria.

Banchory and Crathes Castle on Royal Deeside.
Banchory is Royal Deeside’s main shopping town.

Braemar home of The Braemar Gathering.
Braemar has superb mountain scenery, and is located in The Cairngorm National Park.   Glenshee Ski Centre is nearby.

Westhill is a world centre of excellence for sub sea engineering

Historic Kincardine O Neil       The ruined chuch in this historic Royal Deeside village dates back to the 14th century.

Photos by Bill Bagshaw Photography Courses.

Genuine Jacobite sword and authentic clothing worn at Braemar Castle, Royal Deeside.  by a member of Crann Tara. Crann Tara is a group dedicated to preserving Scottish history and Scottish heritage.  dsider online magazine, photography courses, commercial photography. Photography by Bill Bagshaw photographers at Braemar (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, Deeside villages include Aboyne, Kincardine O’Neil, Ballater, Braemar, Banchory , Tarland, Peterculter,  and Torphins.

The photo above shows a member of Crann Tara dressed as a Jacobite  at Braemar Castle, Royal Deeside.   Crann Tara is a group dedicated to preserving Scottish history and Scottish heritage.

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Homecoming Scotland 2014


Homecoming Scotland 2014

Homecoming Scotland  2014 is a year long event welcoming visitors to Scotland.  These homecoming Scotland events are on Royal Deeside :-

Aboyne Highland Games has been highlighted as a special event  in the homecoming programme.

The world famous Braemar Gathering is also a featured event

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Aboyne Games massed pipe bands

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Aboyne Games massed pipe bands


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