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Ballater Floods


Ballater Floods wreak havoc on 30th December 2015.

Unprecedented  Ballater floods caused householders to be evacuated.
Many residents lost everything they had, and were forced into temporary accommodation.

Washed up car Ballater floods, with wheely bins trapped underneath by flooding (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)Caravans were tossed around by the floods and washed downstream, smashing into houses, and the Ballater Bridge.

Ballater floods smash caravans into houses. A caravan came to rest upon other ones which had already smashed into houses during the flooding. (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

Roads were badly damaged, and  emergency services called in.

Cambus O May suspension bridge was submerged and badly damaged by flood debris, leaving a large bend at mid span with many planks missing.

Cambus O May Suspension Bridge flood damage. Flood debris has badly damaged Cambus O May suspension bridge, which is bent in the middle. (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

Remains of the green caravan that hit Ballater bridge

Remains of green caravan which hit Ballater bridge. The caravan was wrapped around the bridge after hitting it during the floodING. (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

The Caravan site sustained massive damage.

Pile of smashed caravans washed up by Ballater flooding (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

Reflection on a dark day

Reflection on a dark day. Ballater flooding 2015. Washed up caravan reflected in flood water (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)