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Banchory Show


Banchory Show

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Banchory Show events include horse events for Hunters, Ponies & Clydesdales, plus of course cattle and sheep events.

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Banchory show is an annual event and family fun day. Uniquely Banchory show is held right in the town centre handy for all the shops. The show includes trade stands, highland dancing, a pipe band, a tug o war and a livestock parade.

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 (Martin Williams)

Deeside Railway Line

Deeside Railway. Great North Railway Building at Braemar, Royal Deeside. Although this building was built, The Deeside Railway never actually reached Braemar as the proposed route would have been an intrusion on Queen Victoria's privacy. Copyright Bill Bagshaw, dsider,online magazine, photography courses Royal Deeside (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,

Deeside Railway Line

Deeside railway line originally ran all, the way from Aberdeen to Ballater 
A small section of the Deeside  line has been rebuilt and work is underway to extend the track into Banchory.       
Originally The Deeside Line was used by Queen Victoria, to get her from Aberdeen to Balmoral.

The Deeside Line closed in 1966 under “The Beeching Axe,” and was dismantled. 
Deeside  Line carriages were sold to farmers; usually to keep their livestock in. 
A few still remain today, rusting away.

Originally it was intended that The Deeside Railway Line would run all the way to Braemar.  
This never came to fruition as it would have invaded Queen Victoria’s privacy at Balmoral Castle.  
The Great North of Scotland Railway building was erected in Braemar, and remains to this day.

Photography by Bill Bagshaw