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Glenshee Ski Centre opened December 2021



Glenshee cafe and chairlift are open for summer 2022
(Glenshee Ski Centre re-opened December 2021)


Piste basher at Glenshee Ski Centre. If you have watched red deer in Glenshee bear in mind this is what it looks like in winter. Sunnyside ski slopes can be seen behind one of Glenshees's smaller Kassbohrer piste bashers. Behind the Sunnyside slopes are another 2 valleys of uplift, Meall Odhar and Glas Maol. Piste Basher is the popular European term for a snow groomer. To the right of the photo is the Baddoch chairlift which links the base station to Cairnwell, Carn Aosda and Butcharts ski and board areas. Cairnwell is derived from a gaelic name meaning "hill of bags" (Martin Williams)

Glenshee stated that:-  
Masks/neck gaiters and social distancing are especially important in queues, at lifts, in toilets & all indoor areas. There will be screens and hand sanitising stations where appropriate.


Tickets to be booked online, anytime, but preferably 24 hours in advance in case of the need to limit sales.

Click here to go to Cairnwell 3 man chairlift    

Cairnwell 3 man Charlift at GlensheeNew Cairnwell Chairlift at Glenshee (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)