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Braemar Gathering

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Braemar Gathering . Normally in September. Click here for separate 2014 photo article

The Braemar Gathering normally take place on the first Saturday in September in front of Her Majesty The Queen who is Chieftain of The Gathering. Highland games have a heritage going back over 1,000 years under the patronage of Scottish Kings and Clan Chiefs. There have been highland games at Braemar for 900 years since the reign of King Malcolm Canmore. The hill race organised by Malcolm Canmore in the 11th century is thought to be Braemars first ever event.

The world famous Braemar Gathering is the final event in the Grampian Highland Games qualifying event series which include The Aboyne Highland Games and The Lonach March and Highland Games

Large crowds gather to see the unforgettable spectacle of the massed pipe bands. Queen Victoria first attended the event in 1848 and Royal patronage remains to the present day.

Braemar Gathering events include strong men known as The Heavies who toss cabers and throw  stones, weights and hammers, as well as highland dancing, piping, athletics, tug of war and a childrens sack race.

The games park is in the centre of Braemar and car parking is on the periphery of the village. Visitors coming from the direction of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth will have the opportunity of driving through the magnificent scenery of Glenshee above Braemar.

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Drum Majors Lead the massed pipe bands at Braemar Gathering

Braemar Gathering drum majors lead the massed pipe bands at Braemar (Bill Bagshaw www.dsider.co.uk)

The Queen Accepts Flowers, watched by Prince Charles (known in Scotland as The Duke of Rothesay)

Her Majesty The Queen accepts flowers whilst prince Charles looks on Braemar Gathering 2014 (Bill Bagshaw/M.Williams/COPYRIGHT)

Pipers at The Gathering

Pipers Braemar Gathering (Bill Bagshaw/M.Williams/COPYRIGHT)

Royal Stand at the gathering. Honi soit qui mal y pense – evil on him who evil thinks.

 (Bill Bagshaw www.dsider.co.uk)

Her Majesty The Queen arrives at The Gathering accompanied by Prince Charles & The Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen arrives at Braemar Gathering & Highland Games Royal Deeside, Scotland, accompanied by Prince Charles & The Duke of Edinburgh (Bill Bagshaw www.dsider.co.uk)

Heavy Braemar Gathering

Braemar Gathering Heavy (Bill Bagshaw www.dsider.co.uk)

The Drum Majors Challenge

Braemar Gathering Drum Major's Challenge (Bill Bagshaw www.dsider.co.uk)