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Photography Courses Aberdeenshire


Photography Courses Aberdeenshire Aberdeen & Royal Deeside

Photography courses Aberdeenshire Aberdeen villages of Banchory, Ballater, Braemar, Aboyne, Alford, Tarland, Torphins, Echt, Dunecht, & surrounding areas.

Photography Courses Aberdeenshire, Royal Deeside, Scotland, tailored to your own needs.  If you wish you can share the cost with your partner, spouse, child or friend.   Make a Bill Bagshaw photography course your holiday. Gift vouchers are available.    Photography courses for improvers, advanced & pro photographers.

Superior photography courses on beautiful Royal Deeside, Scotland.

Sadly many “teachers of photography” can’t see past their own obsession with cameras & technical data.    Heck, we do beginners and improvers courses ourselves.  But our courses are not the same as other courses, and we minimise jargon.    O.K. You need to learn how to use your tools (camera, lenses, etc).       But then what ?

Our photography courses prepare you for what comes next – real photography.

Creative photography has little to do with cameras, but is about understanding visual communication.

Beware of imitators.  There are people copying our course titles.   Bill Bagshaw photography courses are based upon outstanding knowledge and expertise.    Imitators can never  copy our unique course content.  Read on to find out why:-

How to choose the right photography course.   A  three step guide.

There are many photography courses, run by all sorts of “professionals”.  Unfortunately the term “professional photographer” is widely misused.  So how do you choose ?

Many photography courses only talk about cameras or computers.  That’s just talking about your toolkit.

You’re searching for knowledge. Right ?

Many photography courses give you tired, trite answers to your questions. That’s called copying.

Do you want to be deficient and uninspired, or fulfilled, complete & accomplished ?

Bill Bagshaw photography courses Aberdeenshire make you self reliant.     That’s called creativity.

1. Ask yourself who runs the photography course ?

a)  The man who owns the accommodation ?

b)  A self taught amateur  ?

c)  A local guide  ?

d)  Someone who has only done a low level photography course ?

e)  The local wedding photographer  ?

f)  Someone who never worked as a professional photographer in the advertising department of a huge company

g)   Someone who never taught full time professional photography students at a college or university ?

h)  Someone who knows nothing about visual communication ?  You make photos by choosing ingredients

i)  Someone with poor composition skills ?    You don’t take a photograph; you make a photograph.

j)   Someone with poor colour & design skills ?

k)  A camera fanatic who goes on and on about cameras/lenses ?   Cameras are just photographers tools.

l)   Someone who hasn’t researched depiction, and doesn’t understand it ?

m)  Someone with zero qualifications of any merit ?

n)  Someone with meaningless letters after their name that anyone could get ?

o)  Someone from the local camera club ?

p)  Someone who baffles you with meaningless jargon ? Cameras & jargon have little to do with creativity.

q)   Someone who owns lots of “professional” camera gear, and thinks that makes them a professional ?

r)   Someone who tells you to copy what they set up for you.    What do you learn from that ?

s)   Someone with no studio facilities, or who only has amateur trivial facilities ?

t)   Someone with no idea about how to light objects ?

u)  Someone who has never had their work published ?

Hint   Decades ago Bill Bagshaw graduated with distinction from Britains leading 3 year full time photography course. He walked straight into a job in the advertising photography departments of Rolls Royce & Bentley.  Award winning photographer Bill Bagshaw gained his Associateship of Britain’s premier photo institute a long time ago.   Bill has designed & marketed his own brand products.  Bill has lectured extensively throughout the UK  to full time professional photography students.  Bill has been on teaching courses.  Bill has looked at the learning process in sports coaching and adapted it to photography tuition.  Bill has had his work published in prestige magazines, brochures, newspapers, and advertisements all over the world.     Bill has worked professionally in advertising photography, industrial photography, commercial photography, portrait photography, architectural photography, product photography and landscape photography.  Bill Bagshaw now runs his own photography courses on Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.   Bill Bagshaw photography courses Aberdeenshire do not use jargon.  Bill Bagshaw photography courses Aberdeenshire do not involve copying what someone else does.  Bill Bagshaw photography courses Aberdeenshire have state of the art high glide studio lighting facilities.  Bill runs in depth lighting courses, improver courses, beginner courses, advanced courses, professional courses, composition courses, colour courses, portrait courses, landscape courses, communication courses, macro courses, advertising courses, etc, and can cover just about any topic and tailor it to fit you.

Summary Bill Bagshaw photography courses Aberdeenshire are original, superior, unique, flexible, worthwhile, in depth, sequential, satisfying, interesting and of long term benefit.   No other photography courses can copy this unique,  exceptional tuition.

2. Then have a look at the quality of their images

Bills photography is featured exclusively on

3. What are the learning outcomes of your photography course ?

What will you actually achieve or accomplish?   Many photography courses are  deficient in learning outcomes.

Good, bad or indifferent?       Choosing the right photography course is imperative.

Bill Bagshaw photography courses Aberdeenshire will make you independent, liberated, self reliant and free.

Benefits of Bill Bagshaw Photography Courses Aberdeenshire:-

Surpass your expectations with our unique photography tuition.

Sequential learning experiences with defined outcomes.

Become self reliant, accomplished and fufilled.

Creative photography courses; not dry, technical, camera centred courses.

Genuine learning experiences – not mobs of people crudely copying someone else.

Our photography courses are designed around you.   The cost may be shared with your partner, spouse, friend or child.  Minimum duration is 3 hours.     Improvers, advanced, and professional photographers welcome.

For ideas of available courses click here        Don’t forget we can design a course around you personally. online magazine, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, Photography Training & Mentoring