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Photography Clinic: Zero to Hero – Photography Courses Aberdeen Area


dSider Royal Deeside Magazine, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk)


Photography courses tips and  professional insights. May include information unknown to some full time photographers.   

More tips coming soon

Correct amateur misconceptions and get back on the right track.  
Tips suitable for beginner & improving photographers.
These courses /tips may contain information which is not understood by many practicing professional photographers.

These photography course tips should not be confused with other photography courses that focus solely upon “how your camera works” tuition. 

The basic starting point is to firstly; buy the right camera, and secondly then learn how to use it. 
BUT then move onto what photography is REALLY  about.
i.e.   1. Select your camera     2. Learn how to use your camera (your tool kit) correctly.    3. Get past this basic stage, and move on to what photography REALLY is.
Remember your camera is just a tool.  Different tools are needed for different jobs. 
Craftsmen/craftswomen use their tools differently to laymen/craftswomen.
Craftspersons train to use their tools well.
Give an old tool to a craftsman; and he will still do a much netter job; than would a layman using the latest gear.

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