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Photography Clinic: Pre University Photography Courses explained

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Our Pre University Photography Courses explained.

The Pre University  Photography Course is for all students, studying any topic. 
The Pre College/ University Summer School
is for photography students
AND for all photographers who want to learn the trade.

The Pre University Photography Course:-

All students will benefit  from this  visual communication course.
Learn how to communicate photographically.
Convey messages in your photos to enhance your coursework.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

There is less emphasis on portfolio building than on our Summer School Course.
Visual communication skills can therefore be studied in greater depth.

Suitable for all degree students studying  just about any subject.
Already started your degree ?  You can still do this summer course during your holidays.

The Pre College / University Summer School Course:-

A unique opportunity for photography students enabling you to:-

Get ahead of the game, and not get left behind.
Start building your submission folio (if you haven’t got a place yet).
Create great images.
Learn vital skills which are not taught elsewhere.
Understand composition and lighting skills.
Learn the secrets of photography which very few professional photographers know.
Learn how to create a great portfolio.

Designed for would be professional photographers.
Suitable for both University and College photography students AND all aspiring photographers.

Book your course:-
1. Contact us for details
2. When you have arranged tuition dates with us, please make paypal payment here by entering “4 days” in the drop down box.

Book now to avoid disappointment 

Bill Bagshaw has been a Staff Photographer for multi national companies, won photographic awards, lectured extensively to full time professional photography students, and had his work published worldwide.




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