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Photography Clinic: Pre University Photography Course

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Pre University Photography Course

The Pre University Photography Course fulfills the growing needs of all University students of every discipline.
Learn to take great photos which enhance your course work.

Presentation is advancing rapidly don’t get left behind.
Benefit from this sound grounding in photography.

Don’t miss this one week summer course.

Learn how to communicate photographically.
Convey messages in your photos.

Don’t miss out.
Learn vital communication skills while you can.

Get ahead of the pack.
Learn the
skills that will set your images apart from the rest.
Don’t get left behind.

This pre university photography course covers the photographic needs of all University students. Even if you have already started University.

Already started your degree ?  You can still do this summer course during your holidays.

We’ve got you covered.
All students will benefit from this unique visual communication course:-
From Engineers, Conservationists, Businessmen /women,  & Scientists, to Architects, Artists, Archaologists, and Photographers.

One Week Crash Course.
Designed around you, no matter what your current level of knowledge.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.
Produce better University photos than yours classmates.

Image importance is progressing rapidly.  Don’t get left behind.
Communicate effectively in the modern world.

Get invaluable in depth knowledge
First understand your camera.  Then learn how to use it for real.  Get outstanding results.

One week crash course.   3 full days and 2 half days.
(with project work on half days)

Suitable both for existing and pre university students.
Ideal f
or students who need to become proficient in visual communication; whatever subject they are studying.

Cost per week. Discount price. Massive saving over day rate.
£949 per person 
*(Non Residential)
(3 full days, 2 half days, plus project work)
You have the option to halve the cost of this course, by sharing it with a friend.

*Royal Deeside is a holiday area.  All types of accommodation are available locally, including hotels, self catering accommodation, & guest houses.

Book your course:-

1. Contact us for details 

2. When you have arranged tuition dates with us, please make paypal payment here by entering “4 days” in the drop down box. Book now to avoid disappointment

Bill Bagshaw has been a Staff Photographer for multi national companies, won photographic awards, lectured extensively to full time professional photography students, and had his work published worldwide.



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