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Photography Clinic: Composition Course plus Perception Skills


The entrance to Glen Tanar, on Royal Deeside near Aboyne. This is more correctly known as the Bridge of Ess and the Tower of Ess - the entrance lodge to Glen Tanar Estate. The bridge spans the Water of Tanar. Glen Tanar is Royal Deeside's "other" famous picturesque Scottish glen often, overlooked by visitors to Glen Muick. www.dsider.co.uk dsider whats on Royal Deeside, photography courses Photography by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)


Composition and Perception Course Tips  ONLINE TIPS COMING SOON

Core skills essential for serious photographers

An in depth look at composition skills together with perception skills.
Create great photos.
You don’t take a photograph, you make a photograph.

Composition  – looks at individual composition skills.

Perception – How we see things compared to what cameras record. 

Replicate your feelings in your own photos.

Seeing is believing – or is it?
Surprisingly what we see is based upon our previous experiences.
This is not the same as what our camera records.

Perception is psychological.  This is a big problem for photographers – learn how to overcome it.

We teach you how to understand what your camera records.
 This composition and Perception course  examines the many differences between how we perceive things and what our camera actually records. 

Learn how to communicate as a photographer.
Communication surrounds us everywhere in our daily lives. Very few photographers understand the skills used by advertising photographers.
This course enables you to communicate through your photography.

This is not a “copy me” photography course.  It’s about developing YOUR skills and NOT about blindly copying someone else.

We look in depth at all the elements of composition and how “to see” photographically. 
Become self sufficient, and no longer have to rely on copying others.
This is a creative course and definitely not a “copy me” photography course.
We will enable you to create your own classic images.

You will discover what it takes to create great photos. This is an in depth look at  photography, with a particular emphasis on composition and perception skills.

Posing a group of people requires composition skills

group photography. How to photograph groups. Posing groups isn't easy, particularly if most of them wear glasses. (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

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