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United Kingdom visitors or UK residents only. This item is located only on Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.
  • Pre University Photography Courses explained


    Our Pre University Photography Courses explained.

    The Pre University  Photography Course is for all students, studying any topic.  The Pre College/ University Summer School is for photography students...
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  • Pre University Photography Course


    Pre University Photography Course

    The Pre University Photography Course fulfills the growing needs of all University students of every discipline. Learn to take great photos which enhance your course work.

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  • Pre College Photography Course

    Natural Gas Building Barcelona. The Gas Natural Building is a spectacular feat of engineering. Torre de Gas Natural, or Gas Tower is the headquarters of the gas company. The building is also known as Torre Mare Nostram (Bill Bagshaw/M.Williams/COPYRIGHT www.dsider.co.uk Bill Bagshaw Commercial Photography and photography courses, Scotland)


    Pre College Photography Course Summer Photography School. Don’t get left behind. Get ahead before you start University or College.  Build your portfolio.  Advance your career in photography.

    All photographers welcome. ...
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  • Zero to Hero – Photography Courses Aberdeen Area

    dSider Royal Deeside Magazine, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk)


    Duration: 4 Days.  Special discount price. 

    Unique 1:1 bespoke photography course on Royal Deeside.   Succeed as a photographer

    4 days of Photography courses Aberdeen area.  Representing real value this 4...
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  • Composition Course plus Perception Skills

    The entrance to Glen Tanar, on Royal Deeside near Aboyne. This is more correctly known as the Bridge of Ess and the Tower of Ess - the entrance lodge to Glen Tanar Estate. The bridge spans the Water of Tanar. Glen Tanar is Royal Deeside's "other" famous picturesque Scottish glen often, overlooked by visitors to Glen Muick. www.dsider.co.uk dsider whats on Royal Deeside, photography courses Photography by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)


    Composition and Perception Course

    Duration: 1 day (6 hours). Core skills essential for serious photographers

    An in depth look at composition skills together with perception skills. Create great photos. Unique,...
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