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United Kingdom visitors or UK residents only. This item is located only on Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.

One to one photography courses Scotland.
Accomplish more with our unique tuition and expertise.
Surpass your expectations.  Succeed.

Bill Bagshaw Photography Courses Scotland.    Choose your bespoke photography course.  Booking dates are confirmed by email.              Purchase Gift Vouchers

The options for Bills photography courses  Scotland, (Royal Deeside) are:-

1. Fixed topic photography courses
2. Topic of your choice, made just for you.
3. Gift Vouchers
4. Mentoring

Photography Training & Mentoring

Photography Courses Gift Vouchers

1.  Choose from a list of  fixed topic photography courses:-
Zero to Hero,  Master Your camera,  Perception, Composition,  Studio Lighting, Portraiture,  etc.

Pre University Photography Course (visual communication skills).
Learn to take great photos which enhance your course work.

Suitable for all University students, no matter what degree they are going to do.

Pre College/University Summer Photography Course  (including portfolio building)
Suitable for all photographers, NOT just those going to University or College.

Fixed Topic Photography Courses


2. Book a Photography Course on a topic of your choice, or start with our unique introductory course.

Choose a desired date and time for starting the course and the length you want it to be.
We can concentrate on a specific set of tasks and create a course plan to cover all your needs.
Prices start from £50. 

The booking date is confirmed by email.   Check out the fixed topic courses to get  ideas.

Half Price Photography Courses   You can split the cost of a course with a friend or relation; but bear in mind the tuition will then be 1:2 and you will not receive as much personal attention as on a 1:1 clinic.  The full payment for photography courses Scotland must be received in advance. You each pay half the full fee and one of you submits the full payment.  You will need to inform us in advance that this is a 1:2 photography clinic  (Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or bona fide guardian. Children must be of minimum secondary school age)

Book a 1 to 1 Photography Course


3. Send gift vouchers for photography courses

If you have a friend or loved one who is passionate about photography and would be interested in further developing their skills and knowledge, you can send them a gift voucher for a 1 to 1 Photography Course.

The gift voucher entitles the nominated bearer to tuition but does not confirm a date or time. Upon receiving the voucher, he/she must contact Bill to establish a date for the photography course.  (Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or bona fide guardian.)

Send a Photo Course Gift Voucher


Photography Training & Mentoring

Photography Courses Gift Vouchers



4. Click here for Mentoring

Photography Mentoring

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