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We Know Photography Courses – so you don’t have to copy anyone


Drum Castle features a very old medieval 13th century keep (seen to the right of the image) The keep is the oldest in Scotland and is joined onto a Jacobean mansion house dating back to 1619. There are also Victorian additions to the castle. The chieftains banner is shown flying from the keep By Bill Bagshaw www.dsider.co.uk online magazine, photography courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)

We know photography courses – so we don’t get you to learn by copying.

Photography courses with Bill Bagshaw doesn’t mean how to copy me.    Quite the opposite.    We give you ground breaking concepts and then enable you to take ownership of them.

It’s unfortunate that many trainee photographers are led to believe copying what someone else does is going to improve their photography.

Ask yourself this question:-

If an Olympic athlete set off around a track; and told you to copy what they did; then would you be as good as them?
Clearly the answer is no.   Any qualified sports coach will tell you this is not how adults learn.

There is little point  in copying what someone else does; because next time it will be  different; and you won’t know why it didn’t work.
Even worse; if the person you are copying learned by copying someone else; then it can be like the blind leading the blind.

Instead we teach you to truly understand and “own” photographic concepts,  enabling you to be self empowered,  so  you won’t need to copy  someone else ever again.

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