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Summer Photography Courses Scotland


Summer Photography Courses for people who are serious about their photography.

There are plenty of summer photography courses, but none like ours.
All too often we come across photographers who have been badly “trained” by people who  don’t  understand how little they know  themselves.
To put it bluntly do you want to go on summer photography courses where the blind are leading the blind ?
Or do you want to go on our in depth professionally run course ? (Suitable for beginners, advanced photographers and would be professional photographers )
Bill Bagshaw Photography Summer School is unique.  

Unsolicited quote:-  “I  learned much more in one day than I did in three years of night classes”
Summer Photography School
Obviously we start by teaching you to  use your “tools” ( Cameras, lenses, lighting, computers, etc ) .  But that’s just basic knowledge.
Most importantly we teach you what photography actually is and how to design and compose your photos.
It can’t be stressed too highly that this is the key area where most other photography courses totally fail. (usually because they don’t know anything about it)
There are far too many “copy me,” or “just go and be creative” photography courses where the students don’t even learn a tiny fraction of what we teach.
If you want to be at the forefront of digital still imaging this course is for you. 
If you want to splash around with old fashioned chemicals or spout meaningless jargon then it’s not for you.

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Advance your photographic skills to the highest levels – with Bill Bagshaw Summer Photography School. Castle Fraser Jousting Tournament knight in armour on horseback www.dSider.co.uk whats's on Royal Deeside guide, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk) This is a course on digital still imaging (photography), it is not a course on video making (videography).