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I’m a hard shooter Brit getting rays with my male jewellery & sticks AKA legs in the golden hour with grads shooting cheesecake BIF with my light bucket 10X MC Bigma semi macro CAT brick glass a.k.a Long Tom getting flare chiaroscuro using AF and BLC with  high ISO high CCD noise using IS and mega FPS on a 5D III EOS body using S on c.Fn and a LH  with SL.   To KISS  I  use sticks to spray and pray with BKT blown and thin frames for 3D  HDR on my HDTV. I  chimp my LCD for info, blinkies,  clipping n jaggies and use a HSS OCF  gun to zap via a hotshoe RF PW (with AAs) gaffered slave to keep sharp in case of no DOF or FF.   For IQ I’m  using a mac with PS CS5 & LR, not GIMP,  not CC ,  to shop  my gremlins, with CAF, frame, & CC, check meta with Br, upload 300 MB jpegs via ISP  to cloud and copy to HD, not SSD,  for DAM.   i.e. U can’t do that with a manual Bronnie 66 or 645 using dev, hypo and RC.  If I  had a digi Blad + ATG + digerati zap I’d b bust. RIP non digi backs. C&C apprec fanboy.

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