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New Royal Deeside Photography Courses


New Royal Deeside photography courses

New Royal Deeside photography course:-

Pre College Photography Course – Summer Photography School.
Suitable BOTH for photographers who wants a sound grounding in photography AND for prospective students.

A golden opportunity for you to succeed in photography.
Duration:   one week.

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Don’t leave this summer holidays opportunity too late !
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Prison social documentary photography (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

With Bill Bagshaw photography courses you are embarking upon a  unique proven method of learning;
that produced many of the U.K. ‘s leading professional photographers.

Bill graduated with distinction from one of the leading professional photography courses in Europe.
Sadly that course no longer exists, but Bill has developed that format into his own unique teaching style.
Bill’s professional photographic experience includes being the Staff Photographer for multi national companies.
Bill has lectured extensively to full time professional photography students.   He has also incorporated sports coaching methods into his teaching.

Bill Bagshaw photography courses are about you gaining genuine understanding;  and the ability to figure things out on your own.   They are not about memorising all the facts someone wrote into a curriculum.

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The full range of Bill Bagshaw photography courses also includes:-
Zero to Hero

Mark Felix at Aboyne Highland Games, copyright Bill Bagshaw

Mark Felix takes a break on his attempt to carry The Dinnie Stones. Mark Felix undertakes The Dinnie Stanes challenge at Aboyne Highland Games. Mark sucessfully lifted and carried the Dinnie Stones in stages, but was unable to match Donald Dinnie "s feat of carrying them in one lift. (Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)