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Ballater & Ballater Highland Games



Ballater is a quaint Victorian village near to the Royal Family’s Scottish home Balmoral Castle. Many shops and tradesmen proudly display the Royal Warrant outside their premises. Some shops are  by appointment both to Her Majesty The Queen and to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Ballater Railway Station has now been rebuilt. It was largely destroyed by a fire in the early hours of Tuesday 12th May 2015

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When the Royal Family are not in residence nearby Balmoral Castle is open to the public. and displays include Sheridan the butchers vintage car, and vintage Balmoral fire fighting equipment.
All photos by Bill Bagshaw Photography Course Tips

Lochnagar is a former volcanoLochnager mountain is in fact an extinct volcano and the loch beneath it is actually a volcanic crater. Lochnagar is one of Scotlands most famous mountains being imortalised as Dark Lochnagar by the poet Lord Byron, due to it's dark volcanic rock. You can walk to Lochnagar from Glen Muick. online magazine, photo courses Photography by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,

The whole area is adjacent to areas of outstanding natural beauty such as Glen Muick & Lochnagar.

Many excellent walks set off from the Loch Muick area; including the walk to Lochnagar  – an extinct volcano depicted above.

The Deeside Line was a Victorian railway which used to take Queen Victotia to Ballater Railway Station. 
The Railway station was restored and featured; amongst other things; Queen Victoria’s toilet.

Queen Victoria's Royal toilet at Ballater railway station, Royal Deeside. Ballater station has been refurbished as a museum and features the toilet used by Queen Victoria on her railway trips to Royal Deeside. dSider what's on Ballater guide,Ballater photography courses by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,

The Old Ballater Railway Station was turned into a museum.  Subsequently it was destroyed by fire and has now been rebilt.

The old Ballater Victorian railway station has been refurbished and is now a museum. Ballater was the terminus of the now defunct Deeside Railway on Royal Deeside. Ballater Station even features the toilet used by Queen Victoria ! dSider online magazine, photo courses Royal Deeside (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,


Royal Deeside


Royal Deeside

Royal Deeside is an area of fairytale Scottish Castles, set amongst magnificent mountains and glens.

Walkers can discover  Glen Muick, Glen Tanar and Lochnagar.
There are many events to watch on Royal Deeside including Highland Games, and Gatherings.
The old Royal Deeside railway line is now a  great cycle path.

Royal Deeside Villages:-

Aboyne –  the gateway to Glen Tanar.
Aboyne is at the heart of Royal Deeside,  on the banks of the River Dee.  Aboyne Highland Games are an annual event.

Ballater the Royal Village near Balmoral Castle.
Ballater is near to The Queen’s residence at Balmoral Castle.  Balmoral Castle was the Scottish home of Queen Victoria.

Banchory and Crathes Castle on Royal Deeside.
Banchory is Royal Deeside’s main shopping town.

Braemar home of The Braemar Gathering.
Braemar has superb mountain scenery, and is located in The Cairngorm National Park.   Glenshee Ski Centre is nearby.

Westhill is a world centre of excellence for sub sea engineering

Historic Kincardine O Neil       The ruined chuch in this historic Royal Deeside village dates back to the 14th century.

Photos by Bill Bagshaw Photography Courses /Tips.

Genuine Jacobite sword and authentic clothing worn at Braemar Castle, Royal Deeside. by a member of Crann Tara. Crann Tara is a group dedicated to preserving Scottish history and Scottish heritage. dsider online magazine, photography courses, commercial photography. Photography by Bill Bagshaw photographers at Braemar (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,

Royal Deeside villages include Aboyne, Kincardine O’Neil, Ballater, Braemar, Banchory , Tarland, Peterculter,  and Torphins.

The photo above shows a member of Crann Tara dressed as a Jacobite  at Braemar Castle, Royal Deeside.   Crann Tara is a group dedicated to preserving Scottish history and Scottish heritage.


Homecoming Scotland 2014


Homecoming Scotland 2014

Homecoming Scotland  2014 is a year long event welcoming visitors to Scotland.  These homecoming Scotland events are on Royal Deeside :-

Aboyne Highland Games has been highlighted as a special event  in the homecoming programme.

The world famous Braemar Gathering is also a featured event

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Aboyne Games massed pipe bands

Homecoming Scotland 2014 Aboyne Games massed pipe bands



The Dinnie Stones


The Dinnie Stones

The Dinnie Stones are located outside the Potarch Hotel between Aboyne & Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.     Together they weigh approximately 8 cwt.

Legendary, world famous Scottish strongman Donald Dinnie was born at Birse by Aboyne in 1837, the son of a stonemason.     Donald Dinnie was the worlds first sporting superstar and achieved international fame from his exploits in America, Canada and Australia.
Potarch hotel is currently closed and scheduled for redevolopment. The Dinnie Stones could be stored elsewhere

The Dinnie stones are 2 giant rocks.  In the 1830’s huge iron rings were attached to the stones so that they could act as counterweights; for scaffolding; during the pointing of Potarch Bridge.

Ordinary folk would struggle to lift even the smallest Dinnie Stone.  Donald Dinnie carried them both across the width of Potarch Bridge, and back  – a distance of 4-5 yards.

Several people have successfully lifted both Dinnie Stones, but walking with them is completely different !

The photo shows both Dinnie Stones being lifted by Aboyne strongman and Highland Games Heavies participant Tommy Fyvie. 
Potarch Bridge spans the beautiful River Dee, on Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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Tommy Fyvie takes the strain and the pain as he lifts both Dinnie Stones. online magazine, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,

Mark Felix attempts to lift both Dinnie Stones and walk with them

Mark Felix takes a break on his attempt to carry The Dinnie Stones. Mark Felix undertakes The Dinnie Stanes challenge at Aboyne Highland Games. Mark sucessfully lifted and carried the Dinnie Stones in stages, but was unable to match Donald Dinnie "s feat of carrying them in one lift. (Bill Bagshaw,



Braemar Gathering


Braemar Gathering

Braemar Gathering takes place on the first Saturday in September. The Gathering is held at  at The Princess Royal & Duke of  Fife Memorial Park in the centre of Braemar.   The patron of The Games is Her Majesty The Queen whose Scottish residence is nearby Balmoral Castle.   Events start at 9.30 a.m.

The photo shows The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh; arriving in their Bentley; at Braemar Gathering. The Royal couple are accompanied by Prince Charles.

Parking facilities are on the fields on the edge of the village. The grassy banks of The Memorial Park form a great natural vantage point.  You can also buy grandstand tickets in advance (recommended).

You are advised to arrive early to avoid traffic congestion.     If you are coming over Glenshee watch out for red deer.   The best chance of spotting red deer in summer is in the evenings.   Remember if one runs across the road it’s likely to be immediately followed by several others.

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The Queen arrives at Braemar Gathering & Highland GamesScotland, accompanied by Prince Charles & The Duke of Edinburgh (Bill Bagshaw

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Photography by  Bill Bagshaw Photography Courses / Tips online magazine, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw,