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Bellabeg & Strathdon Area

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Strathdon & Bellabeg Guide. Strathdon home of The #Lonach . #Strathdon .


Bellabeg and Strathdon  home to the Lonach March and Lonach Gathering

Strathdon is actually on Upper Donside adjacent to Royal Deeside.    Apart from being home to the world famous The Lonach , Strathdon area is well known for being the route to The Lecht ski and snowboard centre.

Bellabeg in Strathdon is also famous for its road sign to “Lost”.

The Lonach Gathering and March
Click here for an article on The Lonach. Lonach gathering and March is organised by Lonach Highland & Friendly Society. The Lonach march precedes the Lonach Gathering and is held annually at Bellabeg, Strathdon.

Kildrummy Castle

Kildrummy Castle was built in a shield shape. The ruin is one of the largest 13th century castles remaining in Scotland, and was once a magnificent Scottish fortress.

Kildrummy Castle is the scene of sieges and battles, it dates back to the 13th century being beseiged in 1306 and 1335.

Robert the Bruce sent his family to Kildrummy Castle to protect them from the English.
Gory history tells of a traitorous blacksmith who set fire to the castle and was rewarded in gold for his treason; by having molten gold poured down his throat.
The castle was abandoned during the Jacobite revolution by the Earl of Mar who fled to France.

Glenbuchat Castle

Glenbuchat Castle was built for John Gordon a hero of the Jacobite rebellions, and was the home of several branches of the Gordon clan.

The castle was built on a Z plan in 1590, on high ground above the River Don.