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Castle Fraser Jousting Tournament

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Castle Fraser Jousting Tournament.   Last took place in 2015.

Castle Fraser Jousting Tournament last took place  in July 2015.
In 2014 there was a Castle Fraser Roman Chariot Racing Event instead.

Castle Fraser Jousting Tournament featured authentic battles and jousting.  The event normally features jousting on horseback, archery demonstrations, birds of prey flying displays, sword fighting, authentic campsites, & medieval cookery demonstrations.
The 2013 birds of prey display included a Falcon, a Harris Hawk, a Merlin & an Eagle.  
Rhynie Wifies held an Iron Age Camp.
dsider.co.uk online magazine, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk)
Castle Fraser is the scene of annual re-enactments of jousting tournaments. This is taken very seriously indeed by the participants who ensure their equipment is authentic. Copyright Bill Bagshaw photographers, www.dsider.co.uk whats on Castle Fraser guide (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)

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