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The Deeside Line

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The Deeside Line.

The Deeside Line is now a mecca for walking, cycling and railway enthusiasts. Originally The Deeside Railway Line ran from Aberdeen to Ballater and was used by Queen Victoria. The Deeside Way is an alternative name for the path of the old Deeside Railway line.

The Deeside Line closed in 1966 under “The Beeching Axe” and was dismantled.  Deeside Railway Railway Line carriages were sold to farmers; usually to keep their livestock in.  A few still remain today, rusting away in the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside.

The former Deeside railway line is now extensively used for walking and cycling, and a working part of the railway has been reconstructed at Crathes.

Ballater  station; which was frequented by Queen Victoria; was renovated and turned into a museum.
Sadly it was destroyed by fire on 12th May 2015.

Whether you are walking, cycling or taking a train ride on The Deeside Line there are terrific views of the River Dee; as the railway runs alongside it in many areas.

Originally it was intended that The Deeside Line would run all the way to Braemar; however this never came to fruition as it would have invaded Queen Victoria’s privacy at Balmoral Castle.   The Great North of Scotland Railway building was erected in Braemar, and remains to this day.