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What is photography


What is photography ?   Photography is visual communication.

So lets recap:-  Photography is visual communication. Did I mention cameras ?      NO.       Did  I  mention buying expensive gear?     NO. Did I name camera or smartphone brands ?  NO.            Did I  say videography ?  NO.       

So what is Visual Communication for Photographers & Smartphone Photographers?

Photography is simply seeing something and communicating it to someone in a single image.  

Photos that don’t communicate are meaningless. 

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When I  teach photography I  teach you:-    Guess what ?    How to see and how to communicate visually. Photography is a very powerful medium for self expression and communication when you understand what you are doing. So what about Cameras and lenses ?     Cameras are merely the tools you use to communicate visually. Outstanding  photos have been taken for decades by understanding these two words:-    VISUAL  COMMUNICATION So what do I teach about Cameras ?   Digital Cameras have lots of “bells and whistles”.      If you need to start with Camera Basics  I simplify things  so we get past the techno babble and move on as quickly as possible to seeing and communicating. Use a smartphone for your photography ?    No problem. It’s just the same   VISUAL COMMUNICATION

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