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Photography Abbreviations & Slang – The Jargon Buster


Photography Abbreviations & Slang. The Jargon Buster
©Bill Bagshaw

Photography abbreviations invented by manufacturers & techno geeks get ever more confusing. 
Un-neccessary techno babble is most confusing, and is often used extensively by  photographers with  very little knowledge about the creative side of photography.  
An  example is ATGNI – All The Gear No Idea –  refers to someone who mistakenly thinks buying expensive gear is all you need do to be an ace photographer.

Most recent techno gibberish spotlight.  
You thought there was just DSLR  (digital single lens reflex),  mirrorless cameras & compacts ?   Wrong.  There has always been different types of cameras but digital is now spawning multiple abbreviations.
Compact Camera Systems (CSC) now have pseudonyms /variants/acronyms including  MILC, MSC, EVIL, DSLM, micro four thirds.   
Have you met a  smudger or seen a zoom creep ?
Is your camera EVIL ?
Do you know a chimper, an Uncle Bob or a sprayer?

Here’s a handy techno babble list:-  
Don’t get bogged down by all this techie stuff,  it will drive you mad. 
Concentrate on the creative side of your photography instead. 
The simple fact is that spouting all this guff  won’t help you to take great photos.

If you meet someone who spouts this nonsense it’s highly likely they know nothing about what photography really is. 
They could be a smudger dweeb who sprays and prays, – or maybe a numpty camera reviewer.

2D two dimensions

3D three  dimensions

35mm.   35mm film format i.e 24x36mm. sensor/film size. Also known as “full frame” as in digital formats.

4/3 Four thirds -digital camera format with sensor size  17.3X13mm

4K   display devices such as TVs & monitors having a resolution around 4,000 pixels

54   5X4 inch  format, originally a film format with film size 5×4″, but digital backs can now be used

45   American way of saying “54”

645  6X4.5cm format, originally a film format with film size 6×4.5mm, but digital backs can now be used

66   6X6cm film format, originally a film format (e.g. Hasselblad, Bronica) but digital backs can now be used.

67   6X7 cm film format

108 10X8 inch film format

AA anti aliasing.   An anti aliasing filter is also known as a “low pass” filter and is mounted over many camera sensors

AA   small battery used in camera equipment , torches etc

AAA    smaller battery than AA

A Aperture Priority

A amps

ABC    auto backlighting control

ACR    Adobe Camera Raw

A-DEP automatic depth of field exposure mode (Canon)

AEL    Auto exposure lock

AF   Auto focus

AF DC   Defocus control

Ai   Adobe illustrator

AI Aperture indexing (Nikon)

AI Artificial intelligence (Canon)

a.k.a. also known as

Alien Bees  – American flash equipment

Analogue  – not digital

API    application programming interface

App    A computer application

Applet     small computer programme for a particular task

APO    apochromatic

APS    advanced photo system – amateur film size

APS-C   Advanced Photo System type C, digital sensor size as

APS-H   Sensor size 28.1x 18.7mm

AC alternating current

ACR   Adobe camera raw

AE automatic exposure

AEB   auto exposure bracketing

AE-L   automatic exposure lock

AF automatic focus

AF-L   autofocus lock

Algorithm  – a mathematical  routine that manages colour, or that is supposed to help you get the right exposure.  See GIGO.

ATGNI  All the gear no idea. 

AR  aspect ratio

ASA   American standards association (now called ISO for film speed)

ASAP As soon as possible

ASL    Aspherical glass

ASP   Aspherical lens

ATB   all the best

Av aperture value

AV audiovisual

Avater     picture representing a person

AWB Auto White Balance

B    bulb (for long exposures)

B&W black & white

Back   interchaneable camera back

Back End      the part of a website that makes it work  (seef ront end)
Back Focus – can refer to a lens focusing behind where it should do.

Backup     duplicate

Bandwidth     amount of data able to travel through a connection

Barndoors – set of hinged movable lighting modifiers

Bayer  type of sensor

BBAR Tamron anti reflective coating

BIF Bird In Flight

Bigma slang for Sigma 500mm lens
Bit   Binary digit.  8bits= 1 byte

BIS back illuminated sensor

Bit rate  The number of bits that are conveyed per unit of time

Biz   business

Blaster – powerful form of Zap flash, as in Bowens old flash bulb arrays

Blow up – magnify or make a large print out of an image

Blinkies – flashing over exposure indicator

Body a camera with the lens detached

Bokeh out of focus background blur

Bottletop  –  a cheap low quality lens

BKT bracket

Blad    slang for Hasselblad

BLC    back light compensation

Bluetooth     short range wireless communication protocol

Blog   website documenting a persons thoughts

Blown   overexposed

Blocked – overexposed, particularly as in “blocked highlights”

BMP  bitmap

Boot   to start your computer

Bot     automated internet programme

Bowens  UK  electronic flash manufacturer

BPS        bits per second

Br Bridge – Adobe image management software

BRB    be right back

Brick heavy item of photography gear especially relates to a heavy lens

Brief photographic assignment

Bridge  A camera that’s a cross between DSLR & a PAS

Brit    Brittish

Brolly   flash umbrella  (sometimes Brollie)

Bronnie  – slang for extinct medium format (6x6cm & 6×4.5cm) film camera manufacturer Bronica.  ©dsider.co.uk Great cameras sadly missed.

BTL  behind the lens

BTW   by the way

Buffer   temporary storage area to smooth out  incoming streams

Buffering  failure of buffer to keep up with incoming data

Bug      software error

Bulb   long exposure camera setting

Bulb    may refer to a “flash bulb”

Burn   to darken an area of an image

Burn    to create a CD or DVD

Burst  rapid series of exposures

Bus   wiring to main component on a computer

Bust broken or bankrupt  (sometimes “bost” )

B/W  or B&W –  black and white

Byte    basic unit of information

© copyright  phototuition.co.uk

C41   negative film development process

CA Chromatic Aberration

Cache     store of computer information

CAD   computer aided design

Cam     camera

Capture 1    RAW software

CAF   Content Aware Fill

CAT    A lens of catadioptric construction which is designed to cancel out certain lens aberrations

CC Creative Cloud – Adobe  cloud software subscription

CC colour compensating

CCD   charge coupled device

C&C   comments & critiques

CD compact disc

CD-R a recordable CD can’t be re-recorded

CD ROM Compact disc read only memory

CD-RW  a re-writable CD

Cds    cadmium sulphide cell used in some meters

CCD   charge coupled device

Center   how  Americans spell centre

Centre    how Brits spell center

CF compact flash (card)

CF crop factor

C.Fn   custom function

Chatroom      website wher you “chat” to others

cheesecake – smiley boring bad photography of people

chiaroscuro – form of high contrast lighting

chimping – the habit of checking your histogram, exposure or composition on a digital cameras LCD screen

chip    microchip   (also a potato based food UK  photo students live on)

Chrome  google internet browser

CIFF    camera image file format

Cloud   Stored information or software held on servers and usually not on your own computer

Clipping – overexposure

Clipboard     temporary storage space on memory

CMOS   complimentary metal oxide semiconductor

CMS   colour management system

CMYK   cyan, magenta,yellow, key(black)

CODEC coder decoder

COF    circle of confusion relates to resolution

Color how Americans spell colour

Colour   how the British spell color

Comp   composite

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

Compat   Compatible

Configure     set up computer to work well

Copal a make of mechanical shutter

Copyright   as in this list is copyright Bill Bagshaw Royal Deeside Scotland

corrupt  – data which has been damaged e.g corrupt file

CPL    Circular Polarising Filter -designed for digital cameras, see also “PL”

CPU   central processing unit

CPS  characters per second

Crash    computer failure needing a reboot

Crawler      a programme that indexes the web

Crawler      a person who is a creep

CRC close range correction

Cross Front – a camera movement

CRT  cathode ray tube

CRW Canon camera raw

CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, then CC (creative Cloud) – versions of photoshop. The larger the “CS” number the more recent the programme. ………and then came creative cloud. (CC)……..

CSC   Compact camera system – mirrorless camera

CSS   cascading style sheets

Curve   Characteristic curve

CW  centre weighted

CWB Custom white balance

DAM Digital Asset Management

dB decibel

DC direct current

DC digital crop

Default    basic setting of programme that you have not changed or can change back to

dev    developer/development

DF   dual focus

DG Sigma lens terminology

DI digital imaging

digi digital

Digerati – persons supposedly expert in digital concepts

Digicam  digital camera

DIN    German version of ISO speed rating

dinky small (also a small toy manufacturer)

DIR directory
DNG   Digital Negative

DNS     domain name service

DO Diffractive Optics, as in lens construction

DOC    document

Dodge to lighten an area of an image

DOF    depth of field

Dolly   a wheeled attachment for tripods usually used in film making

Dongle    small hardware device for software copy protection

Doughnuts – out of focus highlights typical of mirror lenses

Downtime    how long a computer system has not been working

DOS  disk operating system

DPI dots per inch

DPOF digital print order format

DR Dynamic Range

Driver    small programme used to control hardware

Drop   backdrop

Dropdown   sub menu in software

Drop offs – shots that didn’t work

DRS   dust reduction system (not to be confused with racing car Drag Reduction System)

DRM   digital rights management

DSLR Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera,  Not to be confused with an SLR which is a film camera

DSLT   digital single lens translucent

Dust Pump – a zoom lens which moves a substantial amount of internal air whilst zooming, and thus pumps dust onto the sensor, and/or  onto the lens elements.

DVD   digital versatile disk

Dweeb   inept, often due to being “expert” about  irrelevancies. 

DX code on 35mm film to set film speed

DX   Nikon APS-C camera

DXO Raw software

DZ   digital zoom

E  Exposure

E6   transparency film developing process

EC exposure compensation

ECU   extreme close up

ED extra low dispersion glass used in lenses

EF   electronic focus

EF   a Canon EOS autofocus lens

EFS    a Canon autofocus lens for the APSC  format

EI   exposure index

EIS electronic image stabiliser (in some Canon lenses)

Element – an individual lens within the overall construction of a composite lens

Elements – Adobe software

ESC  electronic still camera

ETTL Canon’s evaluative through the lens exposure system

EV   Exposure Value

EVF    electronic viewfinder

EVIL Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeable lens

EX Sigma high quality lens

EXIF data stored along with your digital image

Extender – usually refers to tele converter see “TC”

EXR    type of Fuji CCD  or CMOS sensor

Exif exchangeable image file format

Ext extension

EC exposure compensation

EFC    electronic first curtain

ETTL evaluative through the lens (Canon flash metering)

EOS   electrical operating system (Canon)

EV exposure value

EXIF exchange image file format (image data)

F    focal

F   focus

f    f stop – indicates the size of the lens opening

fanboy   loyalist to a camera brand, to the point of stupidity

fangirl   female fanboy

Fast    refers to a lens with a large aperture, a high ISO speed or a fast shutter speed

FAP   Fine art photography

FAQ   frequently asked questions

FAX   facsimile

FC  foot candle

FE flash exposure

FEB    flash exposure bracketing

FEL    flash exposure lock

FF Full Frame i.e. a camera sensor of 24x36mm

Fill fill in light

Firefox    a web browser

Firewall     computer security set up

Firewire    fast data transmission method

Fisheye – a super extreme wide angle lens

FIX   fixer

Fixer   chemicals used to make  film prints or negatives light resistant

FL f  ocal length

FFX     for f**** sake – rude slang

Flake   an unreliable person

Flare unwanted directional light affecting the image

Flag   an item inserted into a light path to blank off illumination

Flir  make of heat sensing camera

FLM Focal length multiplier usually referring to a teleconverter or sometimes to difference in sensor formats sizes

Font     typeface of a  certain size and design

Four Thirds – Sensor size 17.3X13mm

FOV   Field of view

FP focal plane

FPS   frames per second

Frame – the size or size ratio of a composition boundary

Frame – picture frame for hanging on a wall

Framing – composing a photo within specific boundaries

Framing – mounting photos into a picture frame

Fresnel – A type of flattened lens used in lighting and in focussing screens

Fringes  or Fringeing – usually refers to lens aberrations

Front End   part of website users can see

Front Focus  – can refer to a lens focusing too close and not where it should.

FSE    film speed equivalent
FTMF      Full time Manual focus

G    No aperture ring

G  Gigabyte

G  force of gravity

Gamma – contrast, relates particularly to “curves”

Gaffer – relates to fixing of lighting as in chief lighting technician, or self adhesive fixing tape, or fixing clamps.

GB    gigabyte.   1GB=1000 megabytes of storage

Gel    colour filter

Geotagging    adding location data to photo

GIF    graphics interchange format

GIGO   Garbage In Garbage Out.  Camera algorithms on auto settings are not psychic. Learn how to control your camera.

GIMP   free image manipulation software
Gizmo  an article of equipment of little merit, or a new function which may be of dubious merit

Glass slang for a lens

GN    guide number

Gobo an article inserted in the optical path of a light to project patterns.

Golden hour – the hour after sunrise and before sunset

GPD gallium photo diode

Grad graduated (usually a graduated filter)

Grain   The appearance of individual film grains on an image.  Often used in error to describe digital noise.

Gremlin – unforseen item in an image such as dust or something the photographer did not notice

Grid      layout on a page/web page

Grip – lighting support

Grip & Rip  – See “spray and pray”

Grip & Grin – amateur “snap”

GSP   gelatin silver print

GUI     graphical user interface

Gun   flashgun

HAND     have a nice day (often ironic)

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

Hang  when a computer freezes

Hard refers to small light source giving contrast effect – the opposite of  “soft” light

Hard excessive use of contrast

Hard the sort of person you don’t want to mess with

Hassy     Hasselblad

Hard Disk   same as hard drive

Hard Dic   same as hard drive

HD   hard drive

HDR High Dynamic Range

HDTV   high definition television

Hertz     cycles per second

High Def   High Definition

High Key -uniform lighting with a low lighting ratio

Highlights  – the white tones of an image

Hotshoe  – electronic flash mount on top of a camera

Hotspot     location where you can pick up wifi

HSM Hyper Sonic Motor

HSS   High Speed Sync

HSL   hue, saturation, luminence

HTH   hope this helps

HTML   hyper text mark up language

HTMLS    latest version of HTML

HTTP      hyper text markup language

Hub     a connecting device

Hung    when a computer freezes

Hybrid     see CSC  and mirrorless 

Hyperlink     link attached to website items

Hypo     fixer

ICC    International Colour Consortium

ICE image correction & enhancement

Inf    infinity

INFO information

i.e. that is

IF   internal focussing

IM instant messagin

iOS   internet operating system

IQ Image Quality

IR infra red

i-TTL Nikon exposure system

IP  internet protocol

IS Image Stabiliser

ISDN     integrated services digital network

ISO   International Standards  Organisation.  Refers to sensitivity of a digital sensor or film to light.  Also known as “speed”.   Previously known as “ASA”.

ISP    internet service provider

IT  information technology

Jaggies   – see pixelisation

Java     a programming language

Jimmy    a clueless web developer

JPEG   joint photographic experts group

K   degrees Kelvin, relates to colour temperature.  Zero degrees K = minus 273 degrees Centigrade

KB kilobyte.  1KB is 1,000 bytes of disc storage or 1024 bytes of processor storage.

Kerning     to adjust space between characters

KISS   Keep It Simple Stupid

L   Canons premier lens range

LAB an type of  colour space

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

LAN  local area network

LCD liquid crystal display

LD low dispersion glass

LE long exposure

LED light emitting diode

legs   tripod

LH    lens hood

Li lithium as in batteries

Li-on   lithium ion as in batteries

light bucket – a very fast wide aperture  lens

Linux   an operating system

LL  low light

LOL     laughing out loud

Long Tom   Out dated term for long telephoto lens.

Low key – lighting  with a high lighting ratio i.e. little or no fill light

Low Pass – see “AA”  (anti aliasing)

Lr   Lightroom

LTE  long time exposure

Lumen  unit of light measurement

Lumix   type of Panasonic camera

LV   live view

M manual

Mac   an Apple computer

Machine Gun -see “Spray & Pray”

Macro  refers erroneously to close focus but correctly refers to higher magnification close focus

Macro    small  programme used to automate repetitive tasks

Male jewellery – camera equipment

Malware    software installed by stealth for spying or criminal purposes

Matrix  metering from several zones in the scene

MB    Megabyte 1 MB  is approximately 1000 bytes

MEG megabyte

MC   multi coated

Mega   million

Mega   very big

Mega Pixel   a million pixels

MF    manual focus

MF medium format

MFD minimum focus distance

Micro four thirds – a type of MILC  camera

MILC   Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Mirror – refers to either a camera internal mirror or a type of lens construction known as a mirror lens

MHz      mega hertz

MLU  mirror lock up

MMC multi media card

Modem    modulater demodulater

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

Moire’  – unwanted interference patterns in an image

Motherboard     main computer board

MP    mega pixel

MP3    audio compression file

MP-E   Macro photo exposure

MPEG  moving picture expert group

MS    memory stick

MSC mirrorless system camera

MSC micro system camera

MTF modulation transfer function- used to test lenses

MUA make up artist

MUAH  make up and hair

NCC   Nano Crystal Coat

ND neutral density

NEF   Nikon RAW image data

Neg   negative

Network     two or more computers linked together

Newbie   newcomer

NF    near field

NFC   near field communication

NiCAD  nickel cadmium

NiMH   nickel metal hydride

Noise   unwanted digital signal particularly related to high ISO speeds.   The digital equivalent of film grain and often called grain in error.

NR noise reduction

NTSC national television standards committee (TV standard) used in several countries including America Canaada and Japan. Not used in the UK , France, Australia or Germany where PAL is used instead

numpty  an affectionate term for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing

OCF off camera flash

OCR  optical character recognition

OEM   Original Equipment Manufacturer

OIS optical image stabilisation

OL     Off  line

OLPF optical low pass filter

OOC  out of camera

OOF   out of focus

OM  Olympus

OP refers to the opening poster on a forum

ORF   Olympus Raw Format

OS Optical Stabilisation

OS    Operating System

OSX Mac operating system

Ortho   orthochromatic  i.e. sensitive to green and blue light but not sensitive to red light

OTF optical transfer function (used in lens testing)

OVF Optical View Finder.   Increasing being left off cameras in favour of  LCD  screens

OZ  optical zoom

P   programme

P2P     peer to peer

PAL phase alteration by line (TV standard) used in many countries; including the UK , Germany, Australia,  France, Spain, Italy & China; but not used in North America or Japan

parallax  – discrepancy in what you see through a viewing lens and the actual result from a (separate) taking lens.

Patch   a programme to update software – to combat bugs and threats

pan   to rotate a camera

panning    to pan

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

PAN panchromatic  – sensitive to the entire visible spectrum

Pano panoramic

PAS point and shoot – simple camera, sometimes simple photography   (also P & S)

Pap short for Paparazzi

PC    personal computer or name of flash coupler socket

PC    Prontor/Compur (name of flash coupler socket used on many cameras)

PCE Perspective control through tilt shift

PCD photo compact disk

PCI   peripheral component interconnect/interface

PDA personal digital assistant

PDF portable document format

Peanut  – a very small flash “slave”

PeeCee – derogatory term for a computer which is not a mac

Phishing    scam to access your data

photoshop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,  or 7  –  old versions of photoshop preceding photoshop CS  versions

pics    pictures

PICT picture

pix   pictures (also pics)

PIXEL picture element

Pixelated   same as pixelisation

Pixelisation  the individual pixels can be seen

pixel peeper – someone who is over impressed with technical image quality particularly in the corners of images

PJ photojournalist

PL linear polarising filter – may cause problems with digital cameras

Plug in – application which works within a host application

PNG   portable network graphics

Pola  polaroid

POP  post office protocol

Pop Up     opening of a new unexpected window

Port     part of computer which  can connect with external device

Pos    positive

Post  post production

Post    to place or send a message

PP   post processing

PP professional photographer

P&S  point and shoot

PM   personal message

PNG Portable Network Graphics

PPI    pixels per inch

PQ    picture quality

Preview – see proof

Pro   professional – frequently used word to advertise equipment which is anything but

profile relates to colour management

profile a sideways on view used in portaiture

program     how Americans spell programme

Prontor  a make of mechanical shutter

Proof a.k.a. “Preview”. A  small image intended to give an impression of what the final image will look like

Props   things in your photo

PROPS   Proper respect and acknowledgement

Prosumer – Equipment marketing people target at non professionals who have more money than “average” consumers.

Prime a lens of fixed focal length i.e. not a zoom lens

P&S point and shoot

PS photoshop

PSE   photoshop elements

PSD  photoshop document

PSP  paintshop pro

PT  line printer

PTZ   pan tilt zoom

Push   to try and increase the ISO speed

Pull    to try and diminish the ISO speed, or to “snatch” a print from the developer

PW   Pocket Wizard, a make of flash transmitter

Q&A   questions and answers

QR   Quick Release

® registered trademark, as in www.dsider.co.uk

RAID   Random Arrangement of Independent Discs

RAM   Random Access Memor

Raster   to loose pixel data by styling it

RAW   unprocessed digital file direct from the camera

Rays sunlight

RC    resin coated

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

Reboot     restart computer

reciprocity  –  the reciprocal relationship of exposure with time

reciprocity failure  ( Does not apply to digital cameras) the failure of the reciprocal relationship of exposure with time during long exposures with film cameras

rep    representative for photo product brand.   A  photographers rep represents a photographer.

Res   resolution

RF rangefinder

RF    radio frequency

RF    rear focussing

RGB red green & blue

RIP raster image processor

RIP rest in peace

Rip     copy – possibly made illegally

Rising Front  – a camera movement

ROM   read only memory

RP    Resolving Power

RSS   really simple syndication

RTFM   Read The F’ing Manual

Rubber ducking   talking with others to solve a problem

S shutter priority

S  shutter

SAM smooth autofocus motor

Scrim   device used to reduce light intensity

Scheimpflug -principle of camera movements

Schneider  – highly respected make of lenses

SD Secure Digital (card)

SDHC   secure digital high capacity

sealed   usually refers to if a lens is weather or dust resistant (see “Dust Pump”)

Sec    second

Selfie   self portrait

Sensor    solid state device to record digital images

SEO  search engine optimisation

Server  computer that supplies service to other computers

Sharp    in focus

shop   Photoshop

Shift    relates to camera movements on some types of cameras and lenses

Shoot   to take a photograph or a series of photographs during one brief

Shooter – term used by amateurs to describe a fellow photographer

Shot   a photo you have taken

Shutter drag – using a slow shutter speed with flash to get blurred effects

Shutter lag – just what you don’t want – you press the shutter then the camera takes ages to get round to firing.

Shutterbug – someone who lives for photography

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

Siri     Apple’s voice control interface

Sitter subject of a portrait shoot

Sitting   a studio portrait shoot

Slave photo electric cell which fires further flashes, or a photographers assistant

Slow   a lens with a small maximum aperture or a low ISO  speed

SL   skylight as in “SL filter”

SLOMO     slow motion

SLT    single lens translucent. DSLR camera with translucent mirror (mirror doesn’t move)

SLR   Single Lens Reflex.   As in a film camera.  Not to be confused with a DSLR – which is a Digital SLR.

SMC   Pentax multi coating

Smiley     symbol used to communicate emotion

SMTP   simple mail transfer protocol

smudgers – amateur photographers of low ability who call themselves  professionals

snap   – low quality quick amateur photo

snaps  – frequently used as derogatory term for collection of photographs

snap happy – an older term for a sprayer

snapper – someone who takes images of dubious quality, or the process of taking unprofessional images

snatch to remove a print quickly from the developer and place it in the stop bath before its allotted time

snoot   a cone shaped electronic flash light modifier

soft unsharp image or a description of a type of lighting

softbox – a lighting attachment that achieves soft lighting

softlight  diffused lighting can also refer to a softbox

softy    a soft light or soft lighting attachment

softy   a type of gentle vignette

softie a sentimentalist, as in “you big softie”

SOOC  straight out of camera

SP shutter priority

SP Super performance – Tamron lens description

Spam   junk email

SPD   silicon photo diode

Speed   Refers to ways of increasing or decreasing the effective transmission of light to a digital sensor or film e.g. Wide aperture lenses & high ISO  speeds.

Spray and pray – what many amateurs do.   i.e. Shoot large numbers of images hoping one might “turn out.”

Spyware     programme installed by stealth to steal your information

SS    shutter speed

Stringer – freelance photojournalist or freelance journalist

sticks tripod

stock image/s from a photo library which are usually available for purchase

soup   developer chemicals

spec   specification

spec   dust or foreign body

SR shake reduction

Steadicam    make of anti camera shake device

Stitching – combining several images to make a panorama

SS Steady Shot

Stop   usually refers to aperture variants. Can also mean variants of shutter and ISO speed

Strobe   electronic flash

Surf     to move around on the internet

Sync synchronisation

Sv sensitivity value

SWM Silent Wave Motor

Tablet    small portable omputer

Taskbar    bar used to access  computer info

TB terrabyte i.e. 1000GB  (gigabytes) of storage or one trillion bytes

TBH   to be honest

TC teleconverter – a secondary lens mounted between the camera and its lens

TCP      transmission control protocol

Techie  – a person who thrives on technical information

Tele   telephoto – as in telephoto lens

Telephoto lens – a long focus lens which is shorter than its focal length.

Telescopic lens – what numpties  erroneously call a telephoto lens. 
A real telescopic lens would collapse down to a compact size.

Tethered   Camera directly connected to computer

TFT   Thin film transistor

TFP    Time For Prints.   An expression meaning a model, and/or a stylist, and a photographer all work together on an assignment unpaid in order to mutually enhance their folios with prints or digital images.

Thin   underexposed

Thumbnail   a small image used for image identification

TIC  thermal imaging camera

Tilt relates to camera movements on some types of cameras and lenses

Tilt    relates to tilt mechanism on a tripod e.g. pan & tilt tripod head

Traffic       amount of information handled by communication system

TS-E tilt shift len

TIFF tagged image file format

TLR   twin lens reflex. Inetrchangeable lenses are in pairs one to look through and one to photograph with – hence subject to “parallax error””

tog    I  really hate this one, it’s an amateur term for a fellow photographer

Trannie  transparency film

Tri X      grainy black & white Kodak film

Trojan      (Trojan Horse)  malicious code which can spy on or hijack your computer

T/S    tilt and shift

TTL   through the lens

TTV  through the viewfinder

TV television

copyright www.dsider.co.uk

Tv time value

Type L   old type of Bowens flash reflector fitting

Type L   film designed for long exposures, usually tungsten balanced

Type S   current type of Bowens flash reflector fitting

Type S   film designed for short exposures, usually daylight balanced

UD ultra low dispersion lens

UE  under exposed

UHD ultra high definition, as in UHD TV (television)

UI   user interface

UK United Kingdom

Uncle Bob – an amateur photographer who gets in the way of a professional

Unzip     to decompress a file

Upload     send info from your computer to  a remote computer

Uptime  how long a computer system has been working

Urbex   the often dangerous practice of photographing decaying ruined buildings

URL   uniform resource locater (spelt locator in America)

USB   universal series bus

USM ultra sonic motor (Canon)

USM unsharp mask

UV ultra violet

UWA ultra wide angle

UX    user experience

V    volts

VC    ivibration control

VCL    video camera lens

Vector     image styled to not loose quality when enlarged

VF  view finder

Virus    a programme deliberately created to harm a computer

Virtual   not real

VM     virtual machine

VOIP    voice over internet protocol

VPN      virtual private network

VR virtual reality

VR   vibration reduction, Nikon version of Canon’s IS

VGA   video graphics array

W   watts

WA wide angle 

WAL   wide angle lens

WALH   wide angle lens hood

Wallpaper    the picture on a desktop

WB white balance

Web      world wide web

Webmaster    person responsible for maintaining a website

WEP       wireless equivalency protocol

WFOV    wide field of view

Wip Pan   nerdy name for blur caused by panning in long exposure

Wide open – using a lens at its maximum aperture

WiFi    wireless connection

WLAN      wireless local  area network

WLF   waist level finder, usually found on obsolete medium format film cameras

Worm   malicious programme similar to a virus

WPA       wifi protected access

WR weather resistant or water resistant (but not waterproof)

W/S    watts per second means the same as a joule ©dsider.co.uk

www   world wide web  e.g.  www.dsider.co.uk

WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get

XR   Extra Refractive glass

XT    X Trans fuji sensor

X Sync  – Flash sync terminal also known as PC

X Trans   – type of Fuji sensor

YAC    yet another camera

Y/Y – Yes, Yes

Yesterday – as in I  want it yesterday.  See “ASAP”

Zap –  to light, as in “Zap it with electronic flash”

Zip  to compress a file

Zombie     unsecure computer taken over by a hacker

zoom    variable focal length lens

zoom    to magnify an image or to magnify a view of an image as in “zoom in”

zoom creep – poor zoom lens design, where gravity changes the zoom setting when pointing downwards

copyright www.dsider.co.uk