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Master Your Camera – don’t let it control you


Deeside Railway. Great North Railway Building at Braemar. Although this building was built, The Deeside Railway never actually reached Braemar as the proposed route would have been an intrusion on Queen Victoria's privacy. By Bill Bagshaw dsider.co.uk online magazine, photo courses (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk)

Master your Camera.   Photography Courses by Bill Bagshaw

Master Your Camera . A Bill Bagshaw 1:1 photography course.

Who is Master your Camera for?
Anyone from a complete beginner up to advanced photographers or even “professional” photographers.
i.e. Anyone who doesn’t fully understand how to use their camera creatively or on manual settings.  
This is a Bill Bagshaw photography courses key clinic.

Master your Camera – is this the same course other people do ? NO. DEFINITELY NOT.
Strange as it may seem we have had many experienced photographers; who went on other peoples courses; but  didn’t know how to use their cameras creatively  – so we had to take them back to basics on this course.
There are plenty of other “photography courses” run by people with minimal knowledge – don’t be misled by people who don’t understand what they are talking about.
Master your camera is part of the sequential Bill Bagshaw learning programme.   It’s got nothing to do with how other people teach photography.

Master your camera.   Still not sure it’s for you?
Well; if you don’t understand the creative consequences of all the exposure settings on your camera; then it’s definitely for you.
We explain the basics which many so called “professionals” do not know; and we do it without confusing you.


Master Your Camera is NOT jargon filled boring rhetoric about your own particular make of camera.  
Much better than that, this course enables you to understand the content of  camera manuals for yourself.  
Master your camera  shows you how to use your “tools” (cameras and lenses) to enhance your creativity – but not how to take great photos – that’s what our other courses are for.


What’s different about this Bill Bagshaw photography course  ?

Well, obviously we show you how to use a camera properly.  But we do much more than that. 
We make this photography clinic a stepping stone for your future learning.

Photography Training & Mentoring

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What’s it about?
You might confuse this one to one clinic with “an introduction to photography” but it’s not that.

This course shows you how to use all your “tools ” creatively. 

Only when you have mastered your camera (the mechanistic part) can you move on to learn the real craft of photography (the creative part).

Many photography courses go into infinite detail about how one camera make or model works.  We don’t do that.  What’s the point ?
Instead we empower you with the knowledge to use any camera creatively without being bogged down by techno babble.

Let us show you how to be creative.
Unfortunately there is far too much confusion between the craft of photography and the tools that photographers use.  

Master Your Camera gives you the insight to use your camera creatively, without endless jargon.
Master your camera is not like other photography courses of the same name.
Master your camera is part of the Bill Bagshaw sequential learning programme.

Master your Camera may contain information some professionals don’t even know.
We will evaluate what you know (as opposed to what you may think you know) and expand upon it; enabling you to use the photographic tools at your disposal.

When you are in command of your camera you will be in a position to go forward and discover what photography is really all about. Our other photography clinics build upon what you learn in Master Your Camera.  If you want to take your photographic skills forward you may find other peoples photography courses deficient compared to this one.

Photography Training & Mentoring

Photography Courses Gift Vouchers