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How to be a photographer


How to be a photographer.

How to be a photographer ?  Or rather how to succeed as a photographer ?

This is a frequently asked question.  What’s the answer?

Things have changed.   Classic photo education facilities of the past are no more.

Some “photography teachers” are merely  “self taught” amateurs.
We however have vast high level professional corporate experience in most disciplines of  photography.

Some photography courses involve you copying what someone else set up, or  just talk only about cameras.  We don’t do that.

Some courses only teach old style (analogue) wet darkroom chemical photography.   We  don’t do any of that.

We don’t just teach baby photography.  We teach you how to be any type of photographer you want to be – without blindly copying someone else.

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Photography Training & Mentoring

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Does a photography course only talk about  cameras ?  Cameras are merely tools.  I teach you how to use your toolkit creatively instead.

Does a photography course  involve you copying what someone else set up for you?
That’s not my kind of tuition.   Why?
Because somebody else set it up NOT you.

What do “copy me” photography courses  set up for you to copy ?

The short answer is that on a “copy me” course everything has been set up & styled by someone else.
This means you didn’t set up most of the following items a photographer would normally do for themselves:- find the location, styling, location research, ideas, concepts, visualisation, subject, maybe a model, clothing, colours,  background, foreground, ambience, angles, formats, perspective, views, background colours, props, tones, communication, equipment, accessories, power, perceptions, lighting, ambient lighting, composition, shade, permissions, model releases, reflectors, pose, mood, you name it !


Learning is based upon experience – not the experience of copying someone,
but the experience of doing something for yourself from scratch in a logical structured way. 

When I  started out; (a long time ago) I attended the best full time 3 year photography course I  could find.  To succeed I had to live, eat and breathe photography.  I had to undertake tasks to prove I understood fundamental concepts. Only then was I ready to move onto the next stage. 
Sadly that course is no more.

I learned by sequentially developing individual skill areas.  
I  walked straight out of that course into a job within the advertising photography department of a major blue chip company. 
I  continued learning by being thrown into a huge variety of photographic briefs.

Sadly this approach to photography training has been buried in an avalanche of “copy me” photography courses.

But wait:-
Now there is another way to learn how to be a photographer, based upon my lifetime pro experience of photography.

I’ve developed what I  know into a superior photography  coaching programme which can benefit anyone from complete beginner up to expert.
I  once did some sports coaching courses.  Guess what  I  learned? 
We learn by repeatedly doing things by ourselves. 
The coach directs and modifies our behaviour to achieve our goal. Sound familiar?
High level photography tuition is the same as high level sports coaching.
you come on a Bill Bagshaw photography course you too can learn the secrets of real professional photography. 
This is a sequential learning programme where you master one topic at a time.

Failure is good ! 

If you don’t achieve a task we work together to find out where you went wrong.  Now you know how to do it right next time.   That’s called “learning”. It’s just the same as a child learning to walk – they pick themselves up and try again.

You can’t run before you can walk

You can’t become a professional photographer in just 4 days.  If you’re serious about your photography you should start with our  The Art of Seeing Photography Course.

If you just want to become an advanced amateur we  run a 4 day “zero to hero” photography course.   If all you want is to Master Your Camera we do a course for that too.

So that’s how to be a successsful photographer.

With Bill Bagshaw photography courses you won’t have to copy someone ever again; as you will “own the concept”

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