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Hasselblad H5D review by Bill Bagshaw

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Hasselblad H5D Review

Hasselblad H5D review from a professional point of view.

Recently I got my hands on a Hasselblad H5D review camera, but was surprised to find it was only a prototype.
I wasn’t allowed to take the Hasselblad H5D review camera out in the rain.

Here’s the point. Professionals don’t care about cameras or jargon. Professionals just care about having reliable tools that give quality results

Many years ago I used an old mechanical Hasselblad; to shoot a Rolls Royce Corniche brochure page; which illustrated how waterproof the car’s convertible hood was.

We did this by getting the London Fire Brigade to lend us 2 fire engines and blast their hoses onto the car.    We blocked off a London street, with the Roller sandwiched between the two fire engines.

I stood on top of one fire engine to get the shot; whilst the other fire engine blasted both the car and me.

The Hasselblad and I were so drenched that I had to take the lens, and back, off the Hasselblad; and then shake the water out of  the camera body.

But the moral of this story is that was it !   The old mechanical Hasselblad wasn’t serviced after its drenching but it just kept  on working.

I doubt any modern DSLR  would stand up to this. 

Lets hope the production H5D has good waterproofing; as it would be such a shame if it was restricted to mainly studio use.

Hasselblad H5D review side story

As an aside to the story; when I was drying myself in the fire station I  noticed the television was chained to the floor.    Upon asking why I was told that fire crews had previously been called out to hoax fires; so that someone could come and steal the television.

Some things don’t change.    I hope Hasselblad can develop the H5D to regain the market position they once had.