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Camera Equipment – the person behind the camera counts


The person behind the camera equipment counts, not the camera.

Camera equipment isn’t everything.   Buying the latest gear doesn’t make you a good photographer

All too often I  come across photographers who bought the very latest, expensive camera gear. They think this will make them a great photographer.  It won’t.

It can’t be over emphasised.   The person behind the camera counts, not the camera equipment.

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Photography is visual communication.     A camera is just a dumb machine.

Firstly the photographer needs to know how to use their camera equipment.  Knowing how your camera works doesn’t make you a good photographer.  Learning how to communicate visually does.

Anyone can show you basics of how a camera works.   Often all that does is to confuse people.  Sometimes it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Knowing how your camera works is no good if you don’t know what those settings achieve.  But that’s just the starting point.

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Photography is visual communication.     We are not just born as great photographers.      We need to develop our skills.

Buying a posh camera is just buying a posh tool kit.

Knowing how your camera works is just the starting point to learning photography.

Communication is all.   We communicate in many ways in photography.