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What’s the best camera make?


What is the best camera make ?     See also photo tips

In reality there is no best camera make – so there is no point in worrying about this over rated question.

Some photographers spend their lives worrying about the best camera make; and change their camera kit all the time; as they keep coming up with  a new answer.    Usually the answer they come up with is the highest specification full frame (small format) camera on the market.

Or maybe something cheaper ?    Or a smaller format APS-C  camera ?  Or maybe something that fits in your pocket?

But maybe the answer is a medium format camera like a Hasselblad?    Or perhaps a large format camera like a Sinar ?

The answer is simple.  Different makes and types of camera are best for differing situations; so all you have to do is compromise on the one you think best suits your requirements and budget – and be happy.

This leads to the other question

What’s the best lens?

Many photographer think that only super expensive lenses; which are really sharp in the image corners; will do.

But there’s one slight problem with that.  Over extensive detail in a photograph can be tiring to the eye and take away our enjoyment of a photograph.    Again there is no answer to the question “What’s the best lens ?”.  It depends  on your requirements, and on your budget – not someone else’s.

For example a very expensive, fast (wide aperture) lens could perform much worse when stopped down than a far cheaper lens.

This is because the designer of the cheap lens didn’t have too worry about making that lens work at wide apertures, so didn’t have to make the optical compromises made in the design of the more expensive lens.

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