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Wellington Tunnels Monument. New Zealander Statue


Wellington Tunnels Monument Statue Unveiling

Wellington Tunnels monument – The Earth Remembers.
A bronze sculpture featuring the outline of a New Zealander wearing a  ‘lemon squeezer’ hat, was unveiled at dawn on 9th April 2017, at Arras.
It’s located next to the entrance of  Carrière Wellington Memorial ( Wellington Tunnels Memorial ) in Arras, France. The new Wellington tunnels statue is called “The Earth Remembers”. Wellington tunnels are also known as Wellington Quarry.
The ‘dug out’ shape of the New Zealand trooper statue represents a soldier who is “no longer there”.

9th April 2017 is the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Arras when 159,00 British and Commenwealth soldiers lost their lives.
64,000 Scottish soldiers died at The Battle of Arras

We took a photo of the new Wellington Tunnels Monument statue at Arras during a temporary media unveiling.   We promised not to publish it online until dawn on 9th April 2017.
Wellington tunnels Monument statue called The Earth Remembers. Statue of a New Zealand miner at Carrière Wellington Memorial, Arras. Wellington quarry statue of a New Zealand miner in lemon squeezer hat at Wellington Quarry museum (copyright Bill Bagshaw/M.Williams all rights reserved)

The Carrière Wellington statue commemorates an outstanding secret mining feat.
New Zealand miners dug tunnel systems enabling 24,000 allied troops to be hidden from The Germans.
The tunnels had electric lighting, and railways to carry  troops to the front line.
On 9th April 1917 the tunnel entrances were detonated, and the 24,000 allies burst out into the unsuspecting German lines.

New Zealand miners dug a rabbit warren of tunnels under Arras; linking together ancient quarries. This created a secret underground troop shelter.
In 2008 a small part of the cave system; called Wellington Quarry; was re-opened as  La Carrière Wellington museum.
This secret underground war is only now gaining the recognition it deserves.

Wellington Quarry Memorial to The Battle of Arras superimposed with battle flames.

Wellington tunnels monument at Wellington Tunnels Museum. Wellington tunnels museum is also know as Wellington Quarry Museum and Carrière Wellington Memorial. Located at Arras France. (copyright Bill Bagshaw/M.Williams all rights reserved)
Exit No 10 Wellington Quarry.  This exit tunnel is open to the public, at Wellington Quarry Museum.

Wellinton tunnels; also known as Wellington Quarry were one of the most secret places in military history. They were dug in secret by New Zealand miners. 24,000 British soldiers hid there to launch a surprise attack on the Germans at The Battle of Arras on the 9th April 1917. Photo shows No 10 Exit. (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)