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Aldi Westhill Parking Charge


Aldi Westhill Parking Charge.
If you park for over 90 minutes at Aldi Westhill you could be in for a £70  “Parking Charge” shock.

Aldi Westhill parking charge notices are mailed  to you if you are parked for more than one and a half hours at their Westhill store.  Aldi; and their agent ParkingEye; are not legally entitled to “fine” you, but mail you a £70 “parking charge”

You probably won’t have noticed them but Aldi, Westhill, have numberplate recognition cameras that time you in and out of their car park.

Aldi say their parking charges are “to prevent any abuse of our car parks”;  and their signs are “clearly visible.”

If you park there for more than 90 minutes, your name and address are obtained (from your number plate); via the DVLA; and you are mailed a £70 “parking charge notice”. 
Aldi are obliged to display visible signage to notify you of their charges.

£70 excess parking charge at Aldi WesthillCllr. Peter J Argyle, (Aberdeenshire Council, Aboyne, Upper Deeside & Donside Ward) said he visited the store; and did not notice the parking restrictions notices at Aldi Westhill.     

Councillor Argyle said:-
“As it happens I was back at Aldi yesterday to exchange an item I bought on Tuesday and so spent a moment looking for; and at; the signage.
I was a little concerned that the most prominent signs are those attached to lighting columns; right beside the in-car park zebra crossings; as I would have thought motorists should be watching for pedestrians rather than trying to decipher signage with relatively small writing inscribed upon it.”

Aldi Westhill parking charge