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Ballater Railway Station Fire


Ballater Railway Station Fire.   The Station has now been rebuilt.

Ballater Railway Station has now been rebuilt after a devastating fire.  
The colour scheme is now lime green. 
Our photo shows the previous building which burnt down.
Sadly the previous Railway Station, Museum and The Restaurant were largely destroyed by fire, in the early hours of Tuesday 12th May 2015.
Queen Victoria’s Railway Carriage; and horse drawn carriage;  survived the fire.
The Restaurant was burnt to the ground.

The old Ballater Victorian railway station has been refurbished and is now a museum. Ballater was the terminus of the now defunct Deeside Railway on Royal Deeside. Ballater Station even features the toilet used by Queen Victoria ! dsider.co.uk dSider online magazine, photo courses Royal Deeside (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk)

Ballater Station Restaurant was razed to the ground in 2015. The original chimneys were demolished.

Ballater Station Restaurant destroyed by fire May 2015 (Bill Bagshaw/M. Williams)

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Queen Victorias toilet.

Queen Victoria's Royal toilet at Ballater railway station, Royal Deeside. Ballater station has been refurbished as a museum and features the toilet used by Queen Victoria on her railway trips to Royal Deeside. www.dsider.co.uk dSider what's on Ballater guide,Ballater photography courses by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk)