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Aboyne & Aboyne Highland Games


Aboyne beside the beautiful River Dee, Royal Deeside

Aboyne is situated right in the heart of Royal Deeside.
Aboyne  frequently sets records  temperatures for the UK , and it is a popular holiday destination. Being right next to The Cairngorm National Park means the village is an excellent base.

Fishermen come from all over the world; including Scandinavia; to enjoy salmon fishing on the River Dee.

Aboyne’s world famous Highland Games take place every August on the village green.

The games patron The Marquis of Huntly lives at Aboyne Castle.        The Gordon clan crest motto “Bydand” is featured on the gates to the village green and on on the uniforms of pipe band members.
Bydand literally means “steadfast;” or “staying here;” as in the Scottish word “bide”.  Another meaning is to “stand and fight”.             See Gordon Highlander photos lower down this page.

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The Green is the epicentre of the village and is the site of the world famous Aboyne Highland Games

Aboyne Green is the epicentre of the village. The Green is the site of the world famous Aboyne Games. copyright www.dsider.co.uk.whats on Aboyne guide. Bill Bagshaw Photographers Aboyne (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)

Gordon Highlanders Drum Major.

A pipe band Drum Major from The Gordon Highlanders military pipe band at The Aboyne Highland Games. In a military pipe band the Drum Major would be a man of outstanding military character able to control men in battle. The Drum Major was the figurehead of the regiment. In battle he instructed the drummers to play certain beats which passed messages to the rest of the troops. The Drum Major's was a very important job; if he got it wrong the battle could be lost. He carried proud regimental honours on his sash and upon his silver headed mace. In more recent years a drum major in a non military band became more of an entertainer who threw and caught his mace. www.dsider.co.uk online magazine, photo courses Photography by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)


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Salmon Fishermen enjoy refreshments at The Boat Inn

Boat Inn Aboyne Royal Deeside. Country pubs and fishing are an important part of community life on Royal Deeside. Here a group of salmon fishermen have stopped for a dram at The Boat Inn Aboyne on the banks of The River Dee. www.dsider.co.uk whats on Aboyne guide.photography courses Aboyne Photography by Bill Bagshaw photographers Aboyne. (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, dsider.co.uk)

Gordon Highlanders, Pipe Majors Medals

Gordon Highlanders Drum Majors Medals (Bill Bagshaw/M.Williams/COPYRIGHT)