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Falls of Feugh


Falls of Feugh

The Falls of Feugh on the outskirts of Banchory is a great place to watch salmon jumping upstream over the rocks.  The pedestrian walkway on the upstream side of the bridge is an superb vantage point to watch the salmon run.  Salmon can be seen during a surprisingly long part of the year.

The winter salmon run starts in September and continues to November.

The spring salmon run is from February to Match.

Bridge of Feugh.   Photography by Bill Bagshaw Photography Courses /Tips

The falls of Feugh at Banchory are a fantastic place to watch salmon leaping upstream, with a great view from the pedestrian walkway. www.dsider.co.uk online magazine, photo courses Photography by Bill Bagshaw (Bill Bagshaw & Martin Williams/Bill Bagshaw, www.dsider.co.uk)